What we do

Bespoke dentures by Lovebite transform both peoples’ smiles and the way they feel about themselves. There is no need for dentures to look false. Richard takes a great deal of satisfaction in making bespoke dentures that look one hundred percent real and natural, personally guiding his patients through the transformation process, to craft a smile that reflects their individuality and personality, and can even recreate their natural pre-denture smile.

There is nothing more satisfying for Richard, than to see his patients leave the Lovebite studio with their self-confidence and identity restored, as well as their smile.



Below: Dentures with unique characterisation created by Richard for a middle-aged female patient. Visit Portfolio to view a collection of Richard’s work that highlights the diversity of his denture aesthetics.


Treatment Options

Immediate dentures (first-time dentures)

Your first-time (immediate) set of dentures are the most important you will ever have made. Unfortunately in many treatments the immediate denture is made without deep consideration, and in some cases even as a cheap throwaway. In fact everything at this critical stage needs to be recorded for the future comfort of the patient and functionality of the patient’s dentures. This includes the position of teeth, how they need to be moved, and the change in the way the patient’s occlusion (the way their teeth come together) is restored. For this reason Richard’s treatment protocol around immediate dentures is second-to-none. It is important to realise that Richard does not just fit immediate dentures then leave patients to their own devices. He fabricates temporary soft relines within the denture base to keep it both comfortable and fitting throughout the six to eight month period of bone loss and shrinkage which will occur after the teeth are extracted. At the end of this period the original bespoke denture is relined with a permanent, long-term fitting surface. Due to this meticulous process, patients can rely on Lovebite dentures to be functional, with excellent fit and form.


Full replacement dentures

This service includes the creation of full/full replacement dentures (both upper and lower); or a top denture only (opposing the patient’s natural lower teeth).

During this process, Richard is able to address problems that have arisen due to years of the patient wearing incorrectly fitting and ill functioning dentures such as poor occlusion (the way the teeth come together), aesthetics, function, and hygiene.


Metal partial dentures

Lovebite utilises the ‘Precision Partial’ technique, with the missing teeth carried on a refined metal framework. This precise-fitting partial is by far the most comfortable and kindest to the oral tissues over the long term.


Crowns, bridges and veneers and implant work

For these treatments Richard works in close cooperation with dentists and appropriate dental specialists.


Personalised and individualised treatment planning

Richard’s treatment planning is based around the unique needs and wishes of each individual patient. He personally guides all his patients through the entire treatment process.


Bepoke service including aesthetic advice

Patients can depend upon Richard’s world-leading approach to aesthetics and sound advice as he works alongside them to create their exciting new Lovebite smile.



What others say


“Richard Greenlees’ craftsmanship is as stunning as it is unique. There is liberation in the calculated imperfection, indeed an asperity that reflects a purely human element”.

Miles Cone (DMD, MS, FACP, CDT), a prosthodontist from Portland Maine, USA.


‘The complete loss of ones dentition is a profound and tragic event for the patient. Creating these stunningly realistic looking prosthesis is essentially an act of empathy, a desire to do everything necessary to create the perfect illusion, as if nothing ever happened.’

Sascha Hein, internationally renowned dental technician, Germany